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Properties for rent

We can offer you a choice of rental apartments to suit your needs. (Long term, Short term, large or small properties)
Once you have chosen a property to rent, you need to complete a few steps before you can move in.

• Contracts will be drawn up and signed by both parties covering the precise terms of the contract.
• Length of contract
• Security Deposit
• Utilities charges
• Additional maintenance costs
• Insurance  
• An inventory will be checked and signed by both parties
• Deposit paid – normally equating to 1 months rent plus a security deposit
• For contracts over 1 month a year residents visa is required

Red Sea Property Investment will help to ensure that all legal documents are correct and that the property is delivered fit for purpose. Subsequent rental payments will then be made either through us or direct to the Landlord depending on property.

 If you rent the property, a deposit is taken from each tenant (1 month’s rent for long term tenancy) and an inventory is carried out at the beginning and completion of all tenancy's .
 Any irregularities found will be rectified by the outgoing tenant or reimbursed from the deposit taken.

We are here to help you in any way we can, do not hesitate to contact us  by email, at