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Meaning gold in Arabic, a reference to the area’s sandy coastline, Dahab also boasts some of Egypt’s most spectacular diving and trekking. One of the more unique places to dive in Egypt is ‘the Blue Hole’ on the Sinai Peninsula. Half an hour drive out of Dahab, the Blue Hole is around 130m deep, and regarded as one of the Worlds Most Dangerous Dive Sites.

A short walk, jeep ride or even camel trek will bring you to some of the Red Sea’s most memorable dive sites, and a boat can bring you within easy striking distance of the world-class reefs in nearby Ras Mohammad National Park. Predominantly a Bedouin enclave at its heart, Dahab is also the preferred base for organising guided excursions into the interior deserts, as well as to the lofty heights of nearby Mt Sinai. However, while the vast majority of Siani is being packaged and sold for mainstream consumption, Dahab is a place where individual travellers are still the rule rather than the exception.